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City Provided Amenities as Inducements for Relocation

Infrastructure assessment begins with determining the accessibility of six key elements necessary for the support of high impact employers:

Power: What is the local electric capacity? Is power consistent? Is power consistent, or does it fluctuate? Who is the local power provider(s)?

Water: What is the local raw water and waste water capacities? Who are the local water and waste water treatment providers?

Natural Gas: What is the local natural gas capacity? Is natural gas currently available to all sites in the prospective relocation city? Who is the local natural gas provider?

Telecommunications: How “connected” is the prospective city?
What services and bandwidths are available there? Who are the major Internet Service Providers in the region?

Transportation: What are the opportunities for developing Intermodal transportation nodes to facilitate the prospective city’s exports? Is it located along major road systems? How close is the nearest airport? Is rail transportation a realistic option for a relocating company? What is the quality and availability of public transportation?

Physical Plant/Land Infrastructure: Is there sufficient availability of raw land? Does the raw land have utilities? Is there existing building stock suitable for my purposes? Is it proximate to rail, highway, and air transport? If a railroad siding is required, will it be made available?

Answers: Fortunately, the answer to each of the above accessibility elements is yes.

Power, Water and Wastewater
The City of Needles owns its own electric, water and wastewater utilities; consequently the City has the ability to offer unbeatable incentives to relocating business enterprises.

Natural Gas
With respect to natural gas, Southwest Gas Corporation founded in California. Southwest provides natural gas service to approximately 1.4 million customers in Nevada, Arizona and portions of California including Needles. Serving one of the fastest-growing areas of the nation, the company is the fastest-growing natural gas utility in the country.

Gas supply will be enhanced once the Desert Crossing Gas Storage and Transportation System (“DCGSTS“) is completed. DCGSTS is a high-deliver ability underground salt cavern storage system with associated pipeline facilities that will connect the system to as many as five interstate pipelines, up to four local distribution companies and a number of electric generating stations. As currently planned, the pipeline and storage lateral will total about 300 miles long. The storage complex will consist of multiple deep salt caverns constructed in the Hualapai Valley, 30 miles north of Kingman, Arizona, capable of containing a planned working inventory of 10 billion cubic feet (BCF) of natural gas. The associated pipeline extends from a planned connection to the Kern River Gas Transmission System in southern Nevada and terminates at a planned connection to the El Paso Natural Gas Company pipeline in southern Arizona near its Wenden Compressor station in La Paz county

Needles is served by Frontier Corporation – a full spectrum telecommunications company providing telephone, cable television, cellular phone, and business applications. In June 2001, Citizens Communications completed its acquisition of Frontier Corporation. The result? A larger telecommunications company with an extended reach, enhanced knowledge base, improved customer service, an extensive information network and new economies of scale – all of which allows it to offer better prices and services for residential and business customers alike. Frontier, A Citizens Communications Company, offers service in 24 states over 2.4 million access lines across the U.S. Frontier is one of the nation’s largest independent telecommunications providers.

Interstate 40 traverses Needles east to west, with Highway 95 (the Trans-National Highway from Mexico to Canada) providing north-south access. The Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (“BNSF”) has a hub at Needles. Amtrak provides two trains a day form Needles to Los Angeles, and Needles to Chicago. Greyhound Bus Lines provides twice daily stops at Needles. The Needles Area Transit (“NAT”) bus that runs at conveniently scheduled intervals throughout Needles provides local bus service.

The Laughlin – Bullhead International Airport is approximately 25 miles from Needles, providing flights by Sun Country Airlines which is currently providing quality, affordable scheduled air service to the most popular destinations including Dallas, Ft. Myers, Las Vegas, Laughlin, Los Angeles, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Orlando, Phoenix, Portland, San Diego and San Francisco.

Physical Plant/Raw Land
Needles has the ability to provide City-owned land and infrastructure (including rail siding) to a relocating business enterprise which is desirous of having a major west coast -proximate presence on a mainline container rail track, a major east-west artery (Interstate 40), and an international airport (20 miles from Needles).

Give us a call today to determine if your company’s future might be brighter in Needles, California.

Economic Planning

Mission Statement

The Economic Development Department is dedicated to enhancing Needles’ economic vitality, and to expanding the City‘s tax and employment base. The Department oversees activities and programs related to business attraction and retention, downtown revitalization, and planning. It administers programs that enhance the business climate and assist Needles’ residents, business owners and job seekers alike.

The Department is committed to working with you whether you are an existing business in Needles, or are thinking of relocating to Needles. Our services are designed to accommodate your business and to ensure that your company has the necessary resources and assistance to thrive and succeed.


  • Site Selection
    We can help you find the right location for your business by using our database of parcels, lots, and retail locations.
  • Planning
    Since you will be dealing directly with associates from the Planning Department, you will be ensured a smooth development and approval process.
  • Research/Guidance
    Demographic information can be produced on demand that can focus on any point in Needles and include data within any radius. Our associates will provide state and local information on taxes, workforce, sites and building specifications, as well as provide a single point-of-contact to appropriate state and local agencies, support site planning assessments, and aid with state and local applications, including technical and financial assistance.

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Due to the passage of huge statewide infrastructure bonds, the reconstruction of California’s roads is underway. If your business provides services from Asphalt to Porta-Potties; from backhoes to fencing; from catering to architectural and engineering services, you need to prepare yourself and your business to take advantage of this great opportunity.

The California Construction Contracting Program is a partnership between Caltrans, the California Community College’s Economic and Workforce Development Program and the California Small Business Development Center program. (Link to outside website. You will be leaving the City of Needles website)

Important announcement on the partnership agreement between Caltrans and the U.S. Small Business Administration to offer a technical assistance surety bond guarantee program to promote increased small business participation in Caltrans, State highway and transit projects.

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