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Customer Service & Utility Billing

All information that is needed for the Utility Billing is gathered and processed here for the City owned and Operated N.P.U.A. The monthly bills consist of charges for Electric, Water & Wastewater (sewer) and Sanitation (Trash).

In the Billing Office there are many services we offer:

  • New Service Connects
  • Payment Arrangements (if approved)
  • Request a Due Date Change
  • Budget Billing (After one year of service)
  • Energy Reduction Programming
  • Electric & Water Usage (Consumptions)
  • Credit References (if you qualify)
  • Change of Address
  • Distribution of San Bernardino County sponsored programs (HEAP).
Front lobby

The administrative / Utility Services Office

(commonly referred to as the Customer Service Center) is the “Hub” for all City Services.

The Customer Service Center is also responsible for reading approximately 2,000 residential and commercial water meters and approximately 5,000 residential and commercial electric meters on a monthly basis, and produces and sends out Utility-billing.

Because the Customer Service Center is the “Hub” for all City Services if you call the City and don’t select an option you will be directed to Customer Service, they in turn transfer the call to the proper department.

Contact the Customer Service Center at (760) 326-5700 option 0. 
E-mail Customer Service Center  at:

Budget Payment Plan

The Budget Payment Plan is offered to help customers budget utility service payments evenly over a 12-month billing cycle. Knowing in advance what your monthly utility bill will be makes it easier to budget effectively. The Plan is available to all residential service customers who have a current account balance (no past-due amounts outstanding) and who have had service at their current residence for the past 12 consecutive months.

Monthly payments under the Plan are calculated as follows: The total dollar amount of utility billed over the last 12 months is divided by 12 to obtain an average monthly dollar amount.   The customer is billed this set amount monthly for 11 months, beginning with the next billing cycle from sign-up.

On the twelfth month, the bill will reflect any underpayment or credit relative to actual usage. The city will keep track of actual usage. Customers who underpaid actual usage costs will be required to pay the total amount due to bring their account balance to zero in order to remain enrolled in the Plan. Any credit balance will be applied to a customer’s account. You may discontinue participation in the Budget Payment Plan at any time.

Customers may remain on the Plan as long as the City receives monthly bill payments on or before the “Due Date” shown on the statement. Late payment will be grounds for cancellation of a customer’s participation in the Budget Payment Plan.

You may enroll in the Budget Payment Plan at any time when your account is current.  Customers will receive an update of their Budget Payment Status on each months bill. If you have questions regarding the Plan, call the Customer Service Center at (760) 326-5700.

(City Form link)

New Customers

For your convenience, you can click on either link to access the information and applications you will need to establish service. Simply download and complete the form then return it to our customer service office at: 817 Third Street, Needles, CA 92363. If you have any questions about new service or a change in existing service, call our customer service department at: (760) 326-5700. Return or fax completed application to our customer service office. Fax (760) 326-2789.  We will need you to come in to the Customer Service Center as you will be required to show Photo Identification along with your Rental / Lease Agreement and pay deposits & Establishment Fees.

Application for service

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