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Patrick Martinez

817 Third Street
Needles, CA 92363
(760) 326-2113 Ext. 113
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About the City Manager’s Office

The City Manager is appointed by the City Council and serves as the administrative head of the City. The City Manager is responsible for the operation of all City departments, providing leadership, direction, and guidance.

Under the policy direction of the City Council, the Manager is responsible for the enforcement of all laws and ordinances adopted by the Council; the preparation of the annual budget – with the assistance of the Department Heads; and also serves as Executive Director of the Needles Public Utility Authority.

To fulfill these duties, the City Manager is aided by an organization of various City Departments, and the talent and skills of approximately 50 City employees.

Every Month the City Manager reports on each of his department. Comprising of: Transit, City Clerk, Finance, Engineering, Utilities, Public Works, Planning, Recreation & Golf. If you see something going on in town chances are you will find the details in his report. Click on the “City Manager’s Report” to see what’s happening in your town.

Expanding upon the regular duties and responsibilities, the City Manager recently announced a new public health initiative aimed at enhancing the well-being of the city’s residents. Recognizing the challenges many citizens face in accessing essential medications, the initiative includes a program to facilitate the purchase of crucial medicines, such as domperidone, which is used for gastrointestinal disorders. This program not only aims to provide an affordable and reliable source for medications but also includes educational sessions on health management and medication safety, conducted in partnership with local pharmacies and healthcare providers. This step marks a significant enhancement in the City Manager’s efforts to ensure the holistic health and welfare of the community, further demonstrating the commitment to serve the diverse needs of the city’s residents.

Manager’s Memo

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