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Dale Jones, CMC

City Clerk
(760) 326-2113 
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Dale jones

The City Clerk’s office promotes open government and the democratic process by preserving and maximizing public access to City records.


The City Clerk’s Office is committed to accurately recording and preserving the actions of the City Council; safeguarding vital, historic and permanent records of the City; providing information and support to the City Council, City staff and the public in a timely, courteous and fiscally responsible manner; and administering open and free elections in accordance with statutory requirements.

Availability of Records

The City Clerk is the City’s official Custodian of Records and preserves and maintains in protective custody all documents certifying City Council actions. These records go back to the date of the City’s incorporation. All the original minutes of every City Council meeting, every City Resolution (policy) and every City Ordinance (law) ever adopted by the City of Needles are maintained by the City Clerk. Also in the City Clerk’s custody are deeds, agreements, annexation records and many other vital City records.

Municipal Code and Zoning & Subdivision Code

The City Clerk’s Office codifies the ordinances adopted by Council into the Municipal Code and Zoning & Subdivision Code for easy access by the public and city staff.

November 08, 2022 Election Information

For an official list of candidates for Mayor of The City of Needles, click here.

For an official list of candidates for Member of City Council, click here.

For information on the Amendment to City Ordinance 651-AC that will be on the ballot, click here.

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