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Oversize Transportation Permits

The City of Needles Municipal Code states: no person shall operate or move a vehicle or combination of vehicles or special mobile equipment of a size or weight of vehicle or load exceeding the maximum specified in the state of California Vehicle Code on any highway or street within the City Limits of Needles without first obtaining a transportation permit from the city engineering department.

Transportation truck

The City of Needles requires you to have an Oversize Transportation Permit while traveling on City Streets in Needles. Fill out the Application and submit it with:

  • Proof of Insurance (Naming City of Needles in the Certificate)
  • Check in the amount of $16 * payable to City of Needles (Per load and / or trip). Permit costs have additional charges depending if the load needs assistance by Sheriff or Electric Co.
  • Transportation Company must show clearance from other Utility Companies.
  • Please allow 5 days for processing.

Any loads that exceed the following need assistance:

  • Heights above 17 feet
  • Width wider than 12 feet
  • Weight and using Lowboy Trailer Equipment
  • Length longer than 65 feet

Need to Contact Other Utilities in Needles

Oversize Transportation Permit APPLICATION

Once you fill in the application above re-save it and attach it and e-mail to:

Kathy Bernal – (760) 326-5740 x 135 Fax: (760) 326-5008

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