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Youth Recreation

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The Parks & Recreation Services Department manages all of the recreation, parks and services offered by the City of Needles. Recreational Services also provides social, recreational, and cultural opportunities, which stimulate and enhance the quality of life for Needles residents by offering interesting programs and social services that ensure a variety of leisure opportunities accessible to all citizens.

With several programs offered to Youth from Sports Programs to Summer Camp & Dance. The recreation center hosts Sport Tournaments and has programs though out the year.

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The Community Recreation Services offers and administration of the following programs and services:

  • Recreation classes
  • Aquatic Programs
  • Sports Programs
  • Summer Day Camp
  • Field Allocation
  • Facility Rentals
  • Special Events
  • After School Program

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For more information, call the Recreation Department at (760) 326-2814. Or E-mail:

Lynne’s Garden

Lynne had a vision of a garden where the children in her programs could experience the fruits of their labor.  She wanted to build a place where they could learn first-hand how fruits and vegetables are grown, what makes the healthiest plants, which ones grow here in the desert and when to plant them.  Most of all she wanted them to be able to eat the produce from the garden.  A group of local want-a-be gardeners promised Lynne to help her realize her vision.  With varying skills and degrees of knowledge under their belts they asked the members of the community to help in whatever way they could.  This is a testament of how well the community loved and appreciated Lynne.

What you see today is the results of the City government, local businesses, and citizens putting their separate resources together.

Lynne’s Garden was dedicated to the Children of this community in 2009

This will be an ongoing community project and will continue to grow and develop just as the children grew and blossomed under the programs designed and offered by the Needles Recreation Center under the direction of Lynne for many years.  It will be a living reminder of the love and hope that Lynne showed for the youth of Needles.

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