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The City of Needles has a variety of housing types and architectural styles, including apartments, townhouses, duplexes, and single-family homes. Pricing is reasonable and designed to meet the needs of a broad array of house buyers, from the first-time buyer to the retirement home buyer. It is intent upon providing quality housing stock, and keeping it occupied.

The City of Needles Housing Authority is dedicated to increasing the supply of housing, especially affordable housing.

The City is in the process of being approved by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development as a HUD Revitalization Zone. Once the City is approved it will be able to offer its housing stock to a broader array of buyers. These buyers will find it easier to qualify for home ownership because of the programs sponsored by HUD. Two of the programs that will be available upon Needles approval as a Revitalization Zone are as follows:

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The Teacher Next Door (“TND“) program is open to any person “employed full-time by a public school, private school, or federal, state, county, or municipal educational agency as a state-certified classroom teacher or administrator in grades K-12.” Participants must certify that they are employed by an educational agency that serves the school district/jurisdiction in which the home they are purchasing is located.

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The Officer Next Door (“OND“) program is open to any person that is a full-time, sworn law enforcement officer who is “employed full-time by a Federal, state, county or municipal government; or a public or private college or university.” Participants must be “sworn to uphold, and make arrests for violations of, Federal, state, county, or municipal law.” Their employer must certify that they are a full-time police officer with the general power of arrest.

They don’t have to be a first-time home buyer to participate. However, they may not own any other home at the time they close on their TND or OND home. They must agree to live in the HUD home as their only residence for three years after they have moved into it.

The selected TND or OND may purchase the property at a 50 percent discount from the list price. For example, if a HUD home is listed for $100,000, a teacher or an officer can buy it for $50,000. To make a HUD home even more affordable, they may apply for an FHA-insured mortgage with a down payment of only $100 and they may finance all closing costs.

There are a myriad of other housing purchase options available through the City of Needles’ housing programs, and the county of San Bernardino. Please contact the Community Development Director at (760) 326-5740 for additional information.

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