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Hospital Board

Dissolution of Hospital Board

With the sale and transfer of Needles Desert Communities Hospital aka Colorado River Medical Center to Community Healthcare Partner Inc. in June 2013, the Board of Hospital Trustees’ responsibilities have been completed and the City Council formally acknowledged such at their meeting of August 27, 2013.

Click on the MEETING DATE below for Meeting Agendas, Background Information or Meeting Minutes.

Please note: not all agendas and background information is available on this website.

Please contact the appropriate department.

JANUARY 01-03-2013 Agenda
01-03-2013 Packet
FEBRUARY 02-07-2013 Agenda (R)
02-07-2013 Agenda (SP)
03-07-2013 Agenda
03-12-2013 Agenda (SP) with City Council
03-21-2013 Agenda
03-26-2013 Agenda (SP) with City Council
05-02-2013 Minutes
05-16-2013 Minutes
06-06-2013 Agenda
06-06-2013 Packet
06-06-2013 Minutes
06-20-2013 Agenda
06-20-2013 Packet
06-20-2013 Minutes
07-04-2013 Agenda
07-04-2013 Packet
07-04-2013 Minutes
07-18-2013 Agenda
07-18-2013 Packet
07-18-2013 Minutes
08-01-2013 Agenda
08-01-2013 Packet
08-01-2013 Minutes
08-15-2013 Agenda
08-15-2013 Packet
08-15-2013 Minutes

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