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Needles Weather

Needles has very inviting weather from our Wonderful Winters to our Play on the River Summers.

We have our winter guests who choose to fly West for the Winter — no shoveling walks and uncovering cars here, because there is NO SNOW. It will be hard to find an RV Park with an opening during that time so make reservations early for your stay in the West. (RV Parks)

Our winter’s are very mild maybe requiring a long sleeve shirt and a light jacket. Generally folks here wear “Shorts” from October to March (just check out our golf course!). A warm wave will even have folks sitting outside for the holiday’s in November & December.

Our Summers are HOT! with Play on the River weather. Most will call it a “Dry Heat”, that is the feeling of opening your oven door and having a blast of heat hit you in the face. A lot of businesses in the area cater to the hot summers with early hours to get people out early or have the availability to shop after the sun goes down.

And Yes, you will find beautiful Desert like the pictures below, here in Needles.

Sunset in California Desert
Octillo cactus is native in the needles area
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