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After Hours Emergency (760) 326-5700

The City’s Wastewater Department is responsible for managing the City’s sanitary sewer collection system. The field operation and maintenance services are fulfilled by City Staff. The collection system system consists of 19.25 miles of sewer line 3.6 miles of Force Main 4 lift stations 390 manholes and 1 1.2 mgd WWTP. The sewer system was first installed in 1950. Prior to that time Cesspools were used. In the the older part of town you can still see evidence of cesspools and septics that have been abandoned.

The City has 4 lift stations one located on K Street, Bazoobuth & Quivera Street, River Road & Jack Smith Park. Once reaching the WWTP (Waste Water Treatment Plant) the effluent water is pumped to the City’s Percolation Ponds located behind Bashas Center. Here the water percolates back into the ground and starts the cycle of life all over again.

In Needles the last of the Sewer Service on the South side goes as far as the Victory Drive & Cherry and on the North side it goes to Pashard Ave. Needles still has several Septic System mostly in North Needles along the River in between. So if you are located in far South or North of these locations you will need a Septic System.

To report a sewer overflow, please contact the Needles Wastewater Department at (760) 326-5700. For other questions, please contact the Department at (760) 326-2891


The following are documents related to City of Needles’s Sewer System Management Plan:

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