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Economic Development

The California Association for Local Economic Development awarded to the City the 2019 Economic Development Award of Excellence for the Game changer Category which identified the cities role in creating a new industry as an impactful economic development project that proved to be transformational to the community and local economy.

Cannabis Business Opportunities

Complete Investor Tour Packet 2024

On behalf of our entire community, we invite you to explore economic investment opportunities in our city.  Needles has approximately 6,125 residents and is part of a larger region of some 149,000 people. Spanning three States (California, Arizona and Nevada) the Colorado River Region boasts some of the best fresh-water recreational opportunities in the Western United States.  It’s no wonder that some 5.5 million people visit the Colorado River annually.  Add to this over 6.2 million vehicles that travel Interstate 40 on an annual basis and it’s no wonder that our community has seen new commercial growth in the past year.

The economic model implemented by the City has effectively cultivated a business-friendly environment, resulting in a noteworthy influx of businesses to Needles. This surge in business activities, primarily driven by the cannabis economy, has substantially contributed to job creation and population growth within the City. Moreover, this economic synergy extends its reach, indirectly bolstering and supporting other sectors, including the hospitality and restaurant industries. The cannabis industry’s growth has brought forth a multitude of secondary economic benefits, notably elevating the City’s total property value by a remarkable 72% (equivalent to $224 million) since 2017, with a recent year-over-year increase of 9.1% ($45 million). This upsurge can be directly attributed to the heightened demand for lodging services and dining establishments resulting from the construction of cannabis-related facilities.

Our staff is prepared to assist you in your economic investment endeavors whether to build/remodel homes or bring a new retail, industrial or office entity to town.

Welcome to Needles!

Mayor Janet Jernigan

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