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Municipal City Code,

City Charter, General Plan and Ordinances

for City of Needles

Note: Users must check with the City Clerk before relying on any code section to determine whether it has been amended subsequent to the most recent posting. Once in the document click on Title headings to advance to section.

City Charter

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City Code

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General Plan

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Ordinances becomes effective 30 days after the adopted date.

Ordinance Date
Ordinance 553-AC 06/11/2013
Ordinance 554-AC 08/13/2013
Ordinance 555-AC 08/27/2013
Ordinance 556-AC 08/27/2013
Ordinance 557-AC 01/14/2014
Ordinance 558-AC 05/27/2014
Ordinance 559-AC 08/13/2014
Ordinance 561-AC 08/13/2014
Ordinance 562-AC 08/13/2014
Ordinance 563-AC 08/13/2014
Ordinance 564-AC 11/12/2014
Ordinance 565-AC Amended 09/23/2014
Ordinance 566-AC 11/12/2014
Ordinance 567-AC 11/12/2014
Ordinance 568-AC 03/10/2015
Ordinance 569-AC 04/28/2015
Ordinance 570-AC 02/12/2016
Ordinance 571-AC 09/22/2015
Ordinance 572-AC 10/27/2015
Ordinance 573-AC Not Approved
Ordinance 574-AC Amended by Ord 576 AC
Ordinance 575-AC
Ordinance 576-AC Amended 12/6/2016 by Ord 588 AC
Ordinance 577-AC 04/12/2016
Ordinance 578-AC 03/22/2016
Ordinance 579-AC 03/22/2016 Amended
Ordinance 580-AC 04/12/2016
Ordinance 586-AC Recinded Ord 586 AC 12/08/2016
Ordinance 588-AC 12/06/2016
Ordinance 589-AC
Ordinance 590-AC
Ordinance 591-AC
Ordinance 592-AC
Ordinance 593-AC
Ordinance 594-AC 07/25/2017