Documents, Forms & Maps

Under state law the City of Needles needs to respond to the request of documents within 10 days. With that we need to have some contact information. Please fill out the following form and it will be delivered to the City Clerk's Office for your request to be filled.


Document Request Form

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City General   Building / Planning / Engineering
Employment Application   Construction Permit Application
Volunteering Wavier   Owner Builder Verification
Business License   Zoning Permit Application

Claim for Damages to person or property

ADA complaint & grievance procedure


Conditional / Special Use Permit Application

Land Use Application

License to Conduct a Yard Sale   Sign Request Application

Board, Commission and/or Committee Application

  Parcel Map Application
    General Plan Amendment Application
Utilities   Zone Change Application
Utility Service Application   Variance Application
Lower Colorado Water Supply Project Application    
    Grading Requirements & Application
    Lot Line/Merger Requirements & Application
    Oversized Transportation Permit Application
Street Closer Application   Recreation
Parade Closer Application   Special Events Release Form
Encroachment Application Trench Policy Ord.571-AC   Facilities & Equipment Rental Application
Procession, Assemblage or Demonstration Permit   Jack Smith Park Flyer - Rates
    2017 Youth Sports Release Form
Transportation   Finance
Title VI - Complaint Form (English)   Monthly Report of Taxes Form (TOT)
Title VI - Complaint Form (Spanish)    



All Standard Details follow Greenbook Standards for Public Works Construction

Contractor's Details Utilities
Handicap Bathroom Detail Trench Detail - Electric
Driveway Detail Trench Detail - Water
Garden Block Wall Detail

Trench Detail - Sewer

Permanent Foundation for Mobilehome Utility Location Detail
Retaining Wall Detail Utility Location Street Section
Sidewalk Detail Utility Location Plan View
Handicap Ramp Detail Water Meter Detail
Typical Wood Awning Water Service Detail
6" Curb Detail Electric Switch Detail
8" Curb Detail Electric Sectionalizing Cabinet Pad Detail
  Electric Hand Hole Box Detail
Public Works Details  
City of Needles follow the "Green Book" Plans and Specifications for Public Works.
Secondary Street Standard Plans 2009 (large file)
Collector Street Standard Specifications 2009 (large file)
Local Residential Street Cummulative Supplement 2011
Rural Local Street  
Mill in Place Street  
Zoning Map (Large Files)
Base Map (Large Files)
24 x 36 size
Enlarged View 24 x 36

Center of City

11 x 17 size
Enlarged View 11 x 17
General Plan Map (Large Files)
Transportation / Oversize Routes
24 x 36 size Arizona to / from W. Broadway (I-40)
11 x 17 size Arizona to / from J Street (I-40)
  Blank Map (Draw your own Route for submittal)
  Arizona to / from E. Broadway (I-40)
  J Street (I-40) to / from North (Needles Hwy)
  J Street (I-40) to / from BNSF Railroad Yard
  City Limits (North to / from South)
  Park Road to / from Arizona
  BNSF Railroad Yard to / from to Arizona
  BNSF Railroad Yard to / from North Needles
  Park Road to / from Needles Hwy North
  North to South with I-40 use